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the fuchs racing bikes 

Fuchs racing bikes are newly produced with particulars and building techniques, as possible consistent with the typology used since the beginnings of the twentieth century and until the 1980s. Fuchs, Italian brand already existing in 1914, nowadays builds bikes recalling features of those of the Champions Racing Team in the 1950s and 1960s. Our bikes are not historical reproduction, but are equipped with current frame and components, suitable both for everyday use and historical cycling tourism events. Our bikes are welded, chromed, painted and assembled on customer's request by Italian professionals, in Milan and Brianza region. 

Starting from the user's characteristics, the steel frame is custom made, beginning by cutting tubes up to the whole assemblage with high quality materials, according to reported specifications. Fuchs bikes are fully assembled with newly produced components with vintage features and provided with valid European guarantee.

Delivery time is within 60 days from the order.


On demand, it is possible matching the abovementioned frames with modern components ( Campagnolo components Chorus 11V or Record 11V) or instead of having a racing INOX steel frame hand-welded.



 fuchs city bike & TURISM 

In the shop are available bicycles fo men and ladies prompt delivery, with standard size M or L ,on request it is possible  to order customized touring and city bicycles for both men and women that follow the construction methods of the "Corsa": welded, painted, chrome-plated and assembled completely by hand by Italian Artisans and Professionals based in Milan and Brianza.

For a classic Track, Tourism, Condorino,  contact us with your proposal for a quote. Delivery times are within 60 days from order

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