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FUCHS sales and cycles service

Cicli Fuchs returns to the city. From the first shop opened at number 3 of Corso  Genoa in 1914 by Giovanni Tappella to the factory in via Giambellino 96, from the 30s to 1970s,  Fuchs bicycles have "lived"  Italy  for more than 70 years with racing & city bicycles, with the famous tandems, the motorcycles of  the 1950s / 60s , Go-karts  and  raced with the racers of the heroic years of cycling; over the years  cycled on a Fuchs: Brambilla ,Koblet, F.Magni, Martini, Nencini, Bitossi…., 

The brand  today  reopens a sales space in Via Guido D'Arezzo N° 11 in Milan.

You can find classic racing bikes made to measure ,  such as models  1955 nivea-Fuchs , where the centenary edition of Fiorenzo Magni stands out (on sale at the Ghisallo Museum), the 1964 Springoil-Fuchs , the legendary Giroruota race  1920 Bottonuto , the Fuchs VELTRO - gravel in steel as Fuchs style-, the classic city bikes for men and women or the fixed gear race all obviously hand-built in Italy starting from the frame .

You can also admire a vintage racing Fuchs,  used in 1954 by the team  Nivea-Fuchs, which came to us in all its glory after 70 years and the restoration by G. Nencini .

But it does not stop there in the new store you will find the collections of  brands of Italian craftsmanship excellence: a vast assortment of the legendary cycling jerseys, shoes and accessories of  Tiralento   and handcrafted leather accessories  for bicycle of Borse bici Resnati.

You will also find for sale the splendid figures of Corrado Monfardini of - Ciclismo in miniatura,  the wooden rimss  by CBitalia and the hand made canvas jackets by Marco Gherardini.

  A mix of retro and modern, a reference point to rediscover  Italian craftsmanship in cycling.

The shop is open from Tuesday to Friday from 2.30pm to 7pm and on Saturdays from 10am to 7pm .


  Indirizzo/address :

  via Guido D'Arezzo n° 11, 20145  Milano

  Cel./mob. Fuchs showroom: +39 3924448303

The shop does not provide historical documentation or information regarding cycles or motorcycles no longer in production and does not offer for sale accessories suitable for their restoration. The workshop / service is only for Fuchs customers, we do not carry out repairs of cycles of other brands or restorations of vintage bicycles.



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